Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wine Corner Review #14: Barton & Guestier Vouvray

Bond. James Bond. That is what I'm thinking about when I hear the term vouvray (you know, one of them Frenchifried terms for the varietal chenin blanc). Why, pray tell good Czar, do you think of James Bond whenever the term vouvray comes to mind, I hear you asking out there in Cyberland? Well, let me just take a moment out of my busy day to answer, fellow vineheads. The truth is that there is a reference in one of the Ian Fleming Bond short stories (yes, Fleming did write Bond, yes there were Bond books before the movies, and no, I cannot remember which one as that info has become shrouded in the mists of time, or some such rot), to the British Secret Service's most famous member of the Double Aught section employing cold vouvray in one of his many seductions. If you love this ultracool, always hip icon like I do, then surely you will think of Goldfinger's nemesis whenever you are drinking the Barton and Guestier Vouvray.

The robe of the B & G Vouvray is as pale gold as Tilly Masterton's skin. The nose displays subtle hints of oak and hyacinth, a very delicate scent. Pears and nectarines and maybe tangerines glide lightly over the tongue, resolving themselves like dew into a clean, bright finish. Like all summer picnic wines, chenin vouvray blanc is best enjoyed at the beach or in the park with ham and three-bean salad. Special thanks to the youngish steward of my local shoppe for tippling me off to this great vino, so much so that I bought it on the spot. Website is for those of us who are into that sort of thing. Please raise a toast (another English tradition, by the way), and as always:


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