Saturday, January 19, 2008

Quickie Review #14: Stan's Lakeview Taphouse & Grill

Dagnabit, sometimes a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Even a married man. (Be Advised: Political Incorrectness Follows. Take appropriate measures.) I've made the astonishing discovery after a mere 15+ years or so or wedded bliss that Women Have Minds Of Their Own. To wit, my lovely bride the Rock Star has gently tried to persuade me to see the light at the end of her tunnel (Minds out of the guttter: NOW!) and visit Stan's Lakeview Taphouse and Grill located in The Colony, TX, hard by The Lake. (If you have never visited The Colony or The Lake, rest assured, I mean one and only one possible Lake. Either Google it or otherwise research it, or better still, visit this lovely but allegedly sleepy burg at your earliest convenience.) Stan's enjoys a following that happens to be fiercely protective, don't even think about dissin' it. (Is that correct? Sort of, maybe??) By the way, before I proceed, rest assured that whether I write a Food Czar or Quickie review is probably more likely to be inspired by either the quantity of stuff I have to say about said establishment, or, more likely, the time I have alloted myself rather than the quality of goodness contained therein. Rock Star and I finally decided to investigate this place one recent Saturday evening.

Stan's Lakeview and Taphouse sits next door to Angelina's (superb) Mexican Restaurant. Coincidentally, this place was investigated in the very first Quickie Review I composed; rest assured that I have nothing against restaurants lying within the city limits of aforementioned burg: Don't forget that Top Ten List and Top Ten Honorable Mention establishments Cafe Gecko and Zen Bar also are located within The Colony city limits. Restaurant has been described (by Donna Chen of Donna Cooks fame, no less) as "kid-friendly"; let me assure you, it is. Burgers, bar food, Bar-Mex (not really Tex-Mex, as I'm not sure fajitas, etc. originated in Tejas), and a few "more ambitious entrees", not to mention a seemingly endless supply of beers, especially on tap, predominate. Rock Star absolutely loved her burger, grilled as requested and featuring great fries, and my own, featuring officially award-winning chili, was at least as good. URL yes, website no as of this writing. (Menu is still as of this date listed as "Coming Soon" at; until then, please call 972 370-9994 with concerns). Service is excellent (our 20-something waiter told me, "Dude, you're a trip!"; I take that as a compliment!)
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Donna said...

Yes it's nice to have a trusty draft beer place in the midst of all the suburban blah-ness. We love the view from Stan's back porch.