Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quickie Review #15: The County Line Barbecue

Gosh and golly (where do I get these Old School terms? Huh?), I just hate it whenever my lovely esposa the Rock Star and I are not on the same page in regards to a recent restaurant experience. If you are married, you too may understand my predicament. Not that we don't occasionally disagree, I mean, what married couple doesn't, but that I just don't enjoy it nearly as much as when we both can't wax rhapsodic at the same time. Translated: My bride of lo these many years was disappointed over such a recent experience at a place she had very much been looking forward to, disappointed simply because it did not send her into the shivers of sanguine pleasure she so enjoys. In her trips to different locations over the years, The County Line Barbecue has come to represent said saguinity to her, and to make a long story short, when she's disappointed, then I tend to be of similar disposition, even if my own experience was much better. It was with such high hopes that my bride, myself, and our mutual friend The Rock happily motored to one of the newer locations of The County Line BBQ, hard by the shores of scenic Lake Ray Hubbard.

The seat of this particular County Line is, in a word, stunning: An absolutely gorgeous setting on the Lake itself, complete with outdoor patio. County Line sure has the whole Texas Experience decor down pat, complete with lots of real, authentic wood and plenty of genuine memorabilia, including celebrity testimonials. The service was, for the most part, outstanding: Meagan and Catherine delivered a fantastic experience. (Sorry: In the midst of all this praise, I cannot in good conscience include the clueless person who delivered the wrong orders to our table, refused to apologize for his mistake, then topped it off by blaiming someone else. What cheek! I believe his lack of manners to have played a part in my wife's less-than-absolute enjoyment of the experience.) The food itself was certainly top-quality, wood smoked Texas Barbecue, which was all that it should have been, at least to me. I must continue to maintain that the County Line's Beef Ribs are some of the best anywhere: tender, meaty and thoroughly delicious. However, I was not quite as enamored of the Peppered Pork Tenderloin, which was merely adequate in my book. Similarly, The Rock was making his first visit and was suitably impressed, as he was quite pleased with his 'cued Chicken (thoroughly juicy, smoky, and altogether fabulous) and those fabulous ribs. (Each of us got Two-Meat Combo platters.) The Rock Star completely enjoyed her Sausage (genuine Hill Country meat and quite fantastic), but not her Peppered Turkey Breast. (Well prepared, but in her analysis not quite as good as it should have been.) Despite the service and culinary gaffes, the three of us had a blast, and I still believe the Garland location of The County Line to be a proud upholder of Central Texas Barbecue Tradition. Website is and features maps tailored to each individial location. Start your own tradition soon, and never forget:



40-ish Rockin' Chick said...

Honestly, more unforgiveable than the rudeness of the guy that delivered the food, was his complete lack of knowledge of what was actually on the plates! He referred to mine as "who had the sausage and brisket?" (it was actually turkey, not brisket), and yours as "ribs and brisket" (dude, no brisket - pork loin!) and of course The Rock's white meat chicken instead of dark. Sheesh! It's a barbeque place! As my favorite segment of David Letterman intones - KNOW YOUR CUTS OF MEAT!

Food Czar said...

I agree, Chick. In fact, Bear, as the manager of this County Line is known, contacted me within a day or so of the appearance of this review, and in short, made real a reassessment of this County Line's entire review, which I will soon make manifest.