Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Go To The GO TEXAN Wine Garden At The State Fair of Texas

On a busy weekend at the State Fair of Texas when teeming throngs of teens and folks of all ages are crowding the corny dog stands and other concessions, the Go Texan Wine Garden stands like a little Hill Country oasis near the Food and Fiber Pavillion. There's a large shade tree and covered tables, plus more open seating facing the smallish stage where excellent jazz and blues groups hold sway on weekends. (When we visited, the featured acts were the Jeff George Band and Miss Marcy.) Three tasting booths await your business, featuring tipple samples for two or three tickets each, plus full glasses at 16-17 tickets. Full bottles can be had as well, and there is a small Bistro that serves beer, soft drinks, a few other wines, and light snacks.

Come on in. Relax. You deserve it. Linger for an hour or so. Try a sample or three. Listen to the wonderful music. Hear wine talks from featured Texas winemakers, as this year the garden features all Texas tipples. Even on the most crowded days, my lovely wife and myself found room to sit. Recharge your batteries. Experience the magic of life and the sense of temporary community that wine tastings with music can bring. Then, a little reluctantly but fully recharged, take your leave. Most important, please visit before the last day of the fair October 17. Hopefully, this sweet oasis is not a mirage like Brigadoon but will reemerge from the mists again about this time next year.