Tuesday, August 24, 2010

State Fair of Texas Wine Garden to Feature All Texas Wines

One of the least known and appreciated attractions at the State Fair of Texas every year is the Wine Garden. Now in its fourth year, the garden offers free tastings, and in the past poured mostly California tipples. This year, it seems Kroger has withdrawn sponsorship, leaving the Texas Department of Agriculture firmly in charge, and they have made the exciting decision to serve only Texas wines, from two to four wineries per day, for a total of 24 Lone Star producers with quaffs. Here are the details:


This decision makes complete sense, and if I'm not mistaken, underscores the original purpose of the State Fair: To showcase Texas agriculture and the complete bounty of our wonderful state. Nothing wrong with California wines, of course, I drink a few myself. But this is a Texas product showcase, and will hopefully introduce legions of new fans into the ever-growing, ever-improving world of Texas wines.