Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cellar Selection #2: Becker Vineyards Texas Malbec

Almost from the beginning, Malbec has been used in the great Bordeaux vineyards of France, but primarily as a blending grape. Rarely did the French see fit to bottle a single-varietal wine out of this passion-filled grape. Well, that all started to change a few years back and half-a-world away: Malbec grew literally like wildfire in Argentina, and must now rank as that South American country's signature grape. The astute winemakers at the Hill Country's own Becker Vineyards seized the day (Carpe Diem) and planted some of their own, resulting in one of the very finest Texas wines I have tried to date, Becker Vineyards Texas Malbec.

The robe of this Texas Malbec is inky black velvet, the nose redolent of (believe it or not) leather with a touch of Old Spice. As for the taste, this wine lets you have it right in the palate with both barrels: Coffee, chocolate, cinnamon, plums, white pepper, nutmeg---I noted a distinctly different sensation with each taste. Since a truly great wine grows in complexity and taste sensation with each sip, I have made it the second Food Czar Cellar Selection. It is perfectly good to quaff on it's own, but paired, it will stand up to any steak or beef dish you care to match it with; just thinking about it's possibilities with rodizio barbecue gives me the shivers. The website is Try it and also cellar a bottle: who knows how much better it will be in five years? Please do so soon, and remember:


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