Monday, February 23, 2009

Wine Corner Review #46: Parkers Estate Tolleson High Corniche Sauvignon Blanc

Grassy or grapefruity? Sauvignon blanc drinkers the world over ask themselves this question every time they peruse this varietal at their favorite wine shoppe. New Zealand sauvignon blanc tends to be long on grassy notes, while California blanc tends to include more fruit, primarily grapefruit, of course, but also melons and citrus. For myself, I really love New Zealand blancs, but mainly those with more fruit than is typical from Down Under, as too much grass gives me the distinct sense that I've just finished mowing the lawn. Balance is the key, as is the case with so many things in life, and if you like a well-balanced blanc, you would do well to consider our tipple under review today, the Parkers Estate Tolleson High Corniche Sauvignon Blanc.

The robe of the Parkers Estate Tolleson High Corniche Sauvignon Blanc is pale meadow dawn. The nose is most definitely floral with slight touches of lavender and very little grass. Yes, there is lots of grapefruit on the palate, also melons, oranges, and lemons, resulting in a quiet lime finish. Now that winter seems to be ending, salads will start taking center stage on menus once again, and grilled chicken with Buffalo spices would make a most interesting pairing. Website is, but don't expect much help there. (One of these days, I'm going to get serious about my vow to ban all wines that don't have an informative website to peruse.) The Parkers Estate line is listed as one of the Kroger House Wines, which either reflects dependability or marketing, take you pick. Enter the grass vs grapefruit fray soon, and remember:


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