Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cellar Selection #5: Inwood Estates Tempranillo-Cabernet

If you do not shop Central Market regularly, you don't know what you're missing, as they say. A new surprise awaits round every corner, from a generous fromagerie featuring the freshest of cheese to a bakery the size of a football field. Gourmet and organic are the words of the day here, plus an extensive selection of goodies not found in run-of-the-mill grocery stores, such as an entire mini-section devoted to Texas wines. In most wine shoppes, a couple of bottles or at most a shelf are all that is devoted to the Texas tipples. My lovely bride and I were ogling the section one day, practically drooling over the pricey Inwood Estates wines, when suddenly, a courteous and chatty rep from their winery swooped in, plucked up a couple of bottles like an eagle after trout, and invited us to a spontaneous tasting. Helplessly in thrall with the idea of trying Dallas' most-talked about vino, we followed eagerly, and were soon jockeying for postion around the tasting counter, simply delighting in the subtle nuances of today's wine under consideration, the Inwood Estates Tempranillo-Cabernet.

The robe of the Inwood Estates Tempranillo-Cabernet is inky rust, with faint, translucent hues of rose. The nose displays subtle strawberries and a distinct yet surprising note of apples. Cherries, raspberries and more strawberries play gracefully upon the palate, finishing lightly with washed gravel. Since Tempranillo has a Red Fruit grape flavor profile similar to Pinot Noir, it should pair quite fetchingly with pork tenderloin and prime rib and even a nice arugula salad. Website is, where you can learn more about red fruit vs. black fruit flavor profiles. Have your own spontaneous tasting soon, and remember:


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