Friday, February 13, 2009

Product Sampling #3: Pineapple Jerky

Ever since the cowboy days, whenever a buckaroo was home on the range, he toted along some kind of snack to make the long trail rides bearable, or so the myth of the West goes. In reality, the dish goes back thousands of years and it's no suprise that Native Americans, both North and South, knew it well. In North America, it was known as pemmican and was a substantial part of the diet of New World explorers. In South America, it was called ch'arki, from which we get the modern word jerky. These days, jerky, like June, is busting out all over with new flavors. A company called specializes in a number of these gourmet fixings, not only expected flavors like beef, buffalo, and venison, but more esoteric offerings such as ostrich, elk, and even pineapple jerky. Pineapple jerky? I received an offer to try this fruit-based jerky the other day, and thus intrigued, I had it dispatched to mi casa forthwith.

Examining the package closely, I noticed two very good things: the jerky was made in Maui, the Garden Island of Hawaii and my own personal favorite, and it consisted of two ingredients: dried pineapple and honey. No sugar added, so it wouldn't be too sweet. I promptly opened the package, tore a slice in half and gave the other half to my better half. We both delighted in the chewy consistency and long-lasting flavor with a kiss of clover honey on the finish. My wife said it was great but just a tad too sweet; I loved the fact that the flavor listed for nearly half an hour after we were finished. In the end, we were both satisfied and look forward to trying new flavors. Website is, the pineapple jerky can be viewed at and if you venture there, you can see all they have available, including jerky combos, gift packages, and a chance to win free jerky. How can you beat that? Mosey on over there soon, and remember:


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