Sunday, November 2, 2008

Quickie Review #33: The Fillmore Pub

The Fillmore name conjures up acid-washed memories of the sixties to many classic rock fans, when the San Francisco sound was king and bands such as Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, and Quicksilver Messenger Service played the Fillmore venue managed by rock emprasario Bill Graham. Today, The Fillmore is still hosting live music events in its San Francisco digs, while closer to home, The Fillmore Pub quenches the thirst of many a visitor to the burgeoning downtown Plano scene. My lovely wife the Rock Star and I were searching for sustenance after a morning spent wine-shopping (always a pleasant pastime), and were making a beeline straight for Kelly's Eastside for lunch, when we spotted The Fillmore Pub, made a quick revolution in our plans, and decided to investigate at once. We had never dined there previously, but since it was on D Magazine's most recent list of Best Neighborhood Restaurants, we knew that it came well recommended.

Inside its classic, oblong-box structure, The Fillmore Pub sports an intimate and quite masculine, pub-like interior, with dark woods, chalkboard specials, and the requisite TVs. (It is an obscure Texas law that flat-panel or big-screen TVs must be available for viewing within 100 feet of the public consumption of alcohol. Would I lie about somthing like this?) Fish and chips and great burgers are always pub favorites, and my bride and I saw no reason to deviate from the norm. The fish was fresh-fried and served with slightly spicy tartar sauce and good malt vinegar, and I was lucky to get a couple of bites of their silken deliciousness before they all disappeared down my wife's gullet. The fries basically came along for the ride, fine but nothing special. I loved my Guiness-Cheddar burger, with tasty meat juices flowing freely, needing just a touch of mustard and pickle to pull the dish together. Most often, I prefer homemade chips to fries, and The Fillmore's were excellent, making for a perfect noontide repast when paired with a robust glass of Stone Smoked Porter. (My wife loved her usual Black Velvet as well.) Service was friendly and well-paced. We dined well, enjoying a brief mini-vacation of sorts, and in due course went happily about our business. Website is Discover your own dining venue soon, and as always:


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