Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quickie Review #36: Olivers Eatery

My lovely wife the Rock Star and I love to celebrate Thanksgiving. This year, we were joined by her sister the Wild Thing and her formidable mother The Momma for a day-long gorgey (in other words, an orgy of gorge) of food, wine, song, and conversation, and the hours passed far too quickly. However, our good times were somewhat hampered by my wife's sinus infection, which still gives her fits even as I write this. Although we have been able to dine out once or twice during our holiday, she has spent the majority of time at home recovering, and this morning declared that she could not leave our casa today so that she could concentrate on getting better. Since I give my bride my undying support, I somewhat ruefully cancelled our brunch plans, and instead searched online for a takeout place. Remembering a nice review from my blogging colleague Foodie Princess (of Dallas Eats fame), I resolved to give Olivers Eatery a try.

Olivers Eatery can best be described as a casual eatery, featuring soups, salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and pastas in a counter-service setting hard by the Tollway in Far North Dallas. My wife has always loved the legendary Salad Trio at Cafe Max, and noticing that Olivers offered something similar, made their Salad Sampler her lunchtime selection. She enjoyed the shell pasta, tuscany tuna salad, and pecan chicken salad tossed with homemade ranch over field greens. However, no bread was offered with her meal, and we had to substitute a leftover roll from Thanksgiving. As usual, she let me try her repast, and I thought all three selections tasted fresh but somewhat bland. My own tuscany tuna melt sandwich fared better, due primarily to the perfectly-grilled panini, yet it could have used a kick of spice as well, perhaps a nice stone-ground mustard or chipotle mayo. We really love good tea and felt that the tart black currant iced tea was the highlight of our meal. In short, a good lunch, but I feel my assessment of Olivers Eatery is incomplete until I try their pastas and perhaps a pizza. Website is, and they do now offer delivery. When you tire of your Turkey Day leftovers, please consider Olivers Eatery, and as always:



Margie said...

It would be nice if you guys lived a little closer!

Food Czar said...

Yes, Margie, but we still could get together from time to time. Besides, Kelly's Eastside is just right up Central in Plano, as is the Fillmore Pub and Gregory's. We need to plan something! Seriously!!