Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wine Corner Review #39: Campo Viejo Crianza Tempranillo

When you ask most red wine conesseurs to name their favorite varietals, most would respond with cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, syrah/shiraz, or maybe merlot. I posed the question recently to my colleague Classy and Sassy (a Wine Chick known to readers of D Magazine Sidedish blog and her own Dallas Eats blog), and she responded with tempranillo as one of her choices. I knew, of course, that tempranillo was practically the most important wine grape of Spain, and that the Rioja region, in particular, was known for producing quality tempranillo tipples of good value. After a little internal consultation, I decided some further research was in the offing, and the upshot of all this folderol was the wine I bring to you today, the Campo Viejo ("old friend") Crianza Tempranillo.

The robe of the Campo Viejo Crianza Tempranillo is regal rust. The nose suggests plum, raisins, and white chocolate. The palate is cleansed with black cherry, leather, maple wood, and more plum, finishing nicely with vanilla. This tempramental tempranillo can best be tamed by pairing with saucy veal, pork tenderloin, or tuna tartare, and will also work well with dishes featuring beans. Website is, but unless you're fluent in Spanish, I would not suggest this option; you'll have to go further afield to such websites as to get your questions answered. Enjoy a bottle of this classy tempranillo today, and as always:


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