Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wine Corner Review #38: Trapiche Mendoza Argentina Malbec

Hear, hear! We must salute the star that has stepped out on her own. Malbec has been overshadowed for many years as just one of the primary blending grapes of the esteemed Bordeaux claret. In your above-average claret, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc, and petit verdot also struggle to make their voices heard. Well, a few years back, Argentina heard malbec's frantic call for attention and came to the rescue, so much so that this noble blending grape assumed primacy in that South American country, rather than be allowed to rot on the vine, so to speak. You are cordially welcomed to consider such related topics as claret, Argentina's colorful history, or whatever your mind fancies, but when doing so, please do so with a glass or three of one of the stars of the pampas, the Mendoza region's own Trapiche Mendoza Argentina Malbec.

The robe of the Trapiche Mendoza Argentina Malbec is regal navy plum. The nose contains definite notes of black raspberry and black cherry. On your palate, you should notice definite dark chocolate overtones as well as raspberry, currant, and Concord grape, with a slightly chewy finish. Malbec can stand up to all spicy red meats and chicken, and always works well with game; in fact, try it with steak in garlic butter sauce tonight. Website is, but in all honesty, I did not find this website very user-friendly, even in its English language version. Heed the call yourself soon, and remember:



Margie said...

I just don't see how you keep up with all this information. It's fascinating!

Food Czar said...

Google helps, Margie. Also a number of wine books and web sites. I've always found Andrea Immer's material to be very helpful. You can access her website from Dallas Eats.