Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wine Corner Review #37: Bouchard Aine & Fils Bourgogne Pinot Noir

In our last thrilling episode, I discussed Bordeaux, that 800-pound gorilla winemaking region of France which has served as the industry's benchmark of quality for centuries. Yet, many quaffers would challenge that assumption, specifically naming another great region on the other side of Gaul: Burgundy. In 1750, Michel Bouchard and his eldest son set up shop in Beaune and have been making quality wines ever since. Just as red Bordeauxs most frequently feature the cabernet sauvignon grape, giving the wines a great deal of power, so Burgundys spotlight the pinot noir, resulting in more finesse. All this history is grist for the mill, I suppose, so after sufficient contemplation, you would do well to pour yourself a glass or three of a good burgundy (bourgogne) and see for yourself. If you were thus inclined, you could use the wine we're considering today, the Bouchard Aine & Fils Bourgogne Pinot Noir.

The robe of the Bouchard Aine & Fils Bourgogne Pinot Noir is nighted ruby (and if you were Hamlet, you should be casting your nighted color off before indulging). The nose is dusty cassis, with touches of Bing cherries. Black cherry is dominant on the palate, with notes of mint and currant, and a slight kiss of lime on the finish. Pinot noir is heaven-sent for prime rib and any sort of beef roast, and also works well with seared ahi tuna or any other red game fish. Website is http://www.en.bouchard-aine.fr/, which should be in English; if you need translation, simply call the French embassy. Get involved in the Bordeaux vs Burgundy bout today, and as always:



michelle said...

lovely wine review. i always enjoy yours!

did you make it to the blogger brunch today? i was really looking forward to it, but i woke up this morning with a fever and feeling sick :(

hopefully we can all get together again soon!!

Food Czar said...

The blogger brunch was marvelous. Everyone is so nice!! We definitely want to do it again. Gammypie, Marci, and yourself have already clamored for another one soon, as none of you guys could make it. We'll do it!!