Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tales From The Bar Side #1: The Keg Steakhouse

I know it's against my Texas religion to enter a steakhouse and not consume at least one steak, but as it was Friday afternoon and The Keg was offering half-price wine and martinis until 6PM, we decided to go for it. (It also doesn't help that we're poverty-stricken, but that's another matter entirely.) My lovely wife the Rock Star and I met at the Plano location, bent on an early evening of merriment.

Right away, we were delighted by the atmosphere: cheerful, upbeat, and fun yet classy. Centrally-located bar, with table-booths surrounding. (You know those things that have a chair on one side, a booth on the other, with a table in the middle. Anyone know the name of those things? Huh??) TV's, of course; these days that goes without saying. The delightful Mandy (a little too young to be Barry Manilow's muse, but very sweet nonetheless) brought me a Fetzer Zinfandel in a larger, Keg-size wine glass while I perused the bar menu and awaited my spouse. She arrived in short order, and decided on a pinot noir; she was also as curious as George about a white blend called a Conundrum, and after Mandy brought her a free taste, elected to have that for her next glass. Redolent of pinot grigio and possibly French colombard, chenin blanc, and/or riesling, the Conundrum was well named, as it proved quite the conundrum to figure out what grapes were in it, and of course we forgot to ask. We were both intrigued by it's smoky peach flavor.

Since we were in the bar, we decided to go ahead and make a meal of starters. Baked goat cheese was coated with crushed almonds, and it's slightly sweet nuttiness paired perfectly with the tomato basil salsa and crusty bread rounds served with it. Later, we particularly enjoyed the Keg sliders: Three prime-rib mini-burgers, one each with Swiss cheese, honey BBQ sauce, and Bleu cheese sauce, all very tasty and leaving us quite satisfied with our decision to forego the restaurant proper. All the while, Mandy kept us plied with drinks, and even entered a conversation with my wife about diamond rings. (You know how girls are!) In sum, you don't have to enter the Keg restaurant to enjoy the Keg experience; just camp out at the bar. Please do so soon, and remember:



Nancy said...

You work too hard to get no comments. I enjoy reading your stuff and I'll tell you The Keg is Bob's of Canada. I think the price point and the quality is spot on. And, from reading your post, it sounds like the service is friendly. Thanks for all of your thoughtful food writing. Dallas needs more dedicated foodies like you. Now, get to work.

Food Czar said...

Nancy, thanks so much for your kind words and your longtime support. Actually, The Keg is only a couple of miles from mi casa, and I had tried the one in Ft. Worth about twenty years ago and remembered the excellent quality. When my beloved spouse told me that she really wanted to try it, I decided twenty years had been long enough to wait for a revisit.