Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Product Sampling #1: Texas Traditions

Texas Tradition is a company located in Georgetown Texas (home of Southwestern University, a most beautiful campus) that bills itself as "The Official Preservation Company for Texas Culinary Heritage". What does that mean for you and me? Guys, it means that they are selling some truly wonderful jellies, mustards, and dry blend seasonings just perfect for spicing up your food and your life with the definitive kick (OUCH!) of Texas Authenticity. I unwrapped my gift parcel a week or so ago, have been diligently using the products contained therein in the kitchen, and am now happy to report the results.

Mesqute Smoke Mustard - As the name implies, this lusty mustard imparts a nice, woodsy smokiness to anything it touches. Just heaven-sent for ham and turkey, but as I quickly discovered with all the Texas Tradition products, don't limit yourself. Try it with unexpected dishes; for instance, mix it with Ranch Style beans and see what you get.

Texas Hot Salt - Their best seller, and I can see why, because I use it on anything but ice cream. Sprinkle it on salad for a nice kick. I used it this morning in my huevos rancheros (Mexican eggs).

Jalapeno Ranch Dip Mix - Another dry seasoning that's great on salad. Also fantastic with burgers, and you'll just love it in your mashed potatoes. (Am I gushing too much? Sorry!)

Mayhaw jelly - No, I must admit I had never heard of the native Mayhaw tree, but now I think I'm a fan. A light, delicious apple-cranberry-sortof taste. I used it as a delightful midmorning snack on both multigrain Club crackers and wheat saltines.

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