Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cellar Selection #1: Perrin & Fils Vacqueyras

Despite their often-questionable political stances, the French have contributed much to world culture: a tremendous playwright in Jean Giraudoux (who proved time and again in his plays that anyone, from street vendors to madwomen, can have the soul of a poet), the fabulous actress Juliette Binoche (The Unbearable Lightness of Being), and of course, wine. This is not just snobbery talking: even the most inexpensive French vin du pays has the ability to tantalize your tastebuds on multiple levels, and in my opinion, no one does a great blend quite like they do. So it is with complete confidence that I recommend the first Food Czar Cellar Selection, a truly marvelous blend of 80% Grenache and 20% Syrah called Vacqueras Les Christins, by the Rhone appelation Perrin and Fils (which I believe means "fathers and sons").

Rather than reinvent the wheel, why don't I just quote directly from the tasting notes on their delightful (English language, but you can switch to French if you so desire) website, located at

"An opulent forward youthful nose, bursting with sweet black fruits and rhubarb compote...packed with ripe fig, licorice, and currant paste flavors, backed by cocoa and graphite notes....The dark muscular finish has some serious grip, so cellar short-term to let it around to form. Best from 2008 to 2010."

There's not a whole lot I can add to that. Grenache is one of the best blending grapes around (there's even a white grenache extant and it's not bad) and of course, I've already spoken about how my lovely wife the Rock Star is the Queen of Shiraz so you know she was all over this bottle like white on rice. A fabulous quaff by itself, it also works with roast and grilled red meats, all spicy dishes, and strong cheeses. Pick up a bottle soon for your cellar, and remember:


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