Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Quickie Review #6: Wing Stop

Once routinely discarded as an unsaleable trimming, chicken wings have by now been fully embraced by the American dining public. Both my lovely wife The Rock Star and I adore them, so on a recent Monday Night football evening, we decided to pick up some to enjoy at home while watching the game. (Football and wings: Is America great or what?) Since their locations are becoming as ubiquitous as Starbucks, we decided to give our neighborhood Wing Stop a try, and now we're kicking ourselves for not having tried them sooner. We prefer our wings boneless, so we decided on the 16 piece boneless breast strip order. (Yes, I know breast strips are not wings; please work with me here, people!) For our three flavors, we selected Mild, Lemon Pepper, and Garlic Parmesan. The Lemon Pepper strips were zesty and tangy, the Garlic Parmesan ones were tart and cheesy, and as for the Mild, WELL!!! In wing parlance, mild usually translates into "only for the wusses" (timid people). Not these babies, they were crisply breaded and absolutely packed full of crunchy flavor. Don't forget to try their famous, seasoned fries as well, with SKINS ON for better flavor and nutrition. The URL is www.wingstop.com and you can order ONLINE. One very minor quibble: the website boasts that each location is outfitted with old aviation decor and artifacts. I wonder if this is still the case: our local storefront in Plano looked pretty spartan to me. In any case, the wings are the thing, so you should drop by soon, and remember:



Donna said...

Mmm wings. Haven't had them in a while. I've liked Wing Stop since college. Have you tried Pluckers? It originated in Austin and there is at least one location in Dallas. It is good stuff.

Food Czar said...

Haven't tried Pluckers yet, my dear. If they're not too far, I may give them a go, even if, like Fuddruckers, they have a name that lends itself to parody easily, particularly after a couple glasses of vino!