Sunday, September 2, 2007

Quickie Review #5:: The Plano Tavern

In ancient Roman mythology, there is a story of a winged bull carrying Bacchus, the god of wine and revels, high above the earth in search of the best food and drink. The winged bull has become the symbol of The Plano Tavern, and Bacchus himself would be quite comfortable with the cuisine if he chose to land here. The Tavern Burgers, made with Angus grilled beef, are especially tasty, and the Smothered Chicken (grilled chicken breasts blanketed by smoked cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, apple-smoked bacon, and merlot mushrooms atop buttery Yukon Gold mashed potatoes) made the Rock Star positively want to stand up and sing for joy. For my part, the Ale-Battered Catfish (two farm-raised fillets fried in spicy tempura batter, dusted with corn meal, and served with kickin' jalapeno tartar sauce and match-thin crispy seasoned fries) completely made my day. In addition, I thoroughly enjoyed the Chicken Tortilla Soup, a delicious cup of rich, caramelized goodness that may have been the best dish I've ever tried there. Paired with good house wines, the fare was excellent, the service quick and accomodating, as always, and we'll definitely be back once again. Website can be found at Next time you're in the area, be sure to stop in, and remember:


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Donna said...

You must live/work my same area! I also love the Plano Tavern! Their Chicken Fried Steak is topped with this queso-esque gravy, a great southwestern spin on traditional country gravy.