Monday, January 19, 2009

Wine Corner Review #44: Rutini Trumpeter Mendoza Malbec-Syrah

Louis Armstrong. Roy Hargrove. Dizzy Gillespie. Miles Davis. Great jazz trumpeters have made us laugh, cry, and sing with their instrumental prowess. Jazz, like wine, evokes the deepest of human emotions, bubbling up from wellsprings that may lay untouched for years. In 1885, Bodega La Rural was founded in Maipu, Mendoza, Argentina by Don Felipe Rutini, who proceeded to coax Italian passion out of the Argentine terroir. Over a century later, these vines have come to fruition in a blended wine starring the National Grape (it seems) of Argentina, the Rutini Trumpeter Mendoza Malbec-Syrah.

The robe of the Rutini Trumpeter Mendoza Malbec-Syrah is rich garnet, so fitting because it is indeed the birthstone for the month of January. The nose reveals plums, black cherry, and whisps of smoke. Lots of chocolate, currant, berries, and light spice on the palate, finishing with slight cloves. Wine Lover's Page ( recommends juicy, grass-fed beef burgers as a pairing; we matched it with fusili pasta with meat sauce and it worked just fine. Unfortunately, I could find no website for Rutini, so you'll have to go to another source such as Wine Lover's Page or for information. Coax a bottle out of your local shopping establishment soon, and remember:


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