Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quickie Review #38: GoGo Burger

Every small-town denizen in Texas has grown up with two beloved hamburger institutions: Whataburger and Dairy Queen. Both of these chains feature good, basic burgers in a down-home setting. GoGo Burger, the tiny shop started in Frisco Square by the same folks who brought you marvelous Mattitos Mexican Restaurant, does a pretty fair job of recreating the small-town burger taste in a decidedly upbeat setting, complete with loud, pumping music. The menu is equally basic: Cheeseburgers large and small, a veggie-burger featuring Portobello mushrooms, grilled chicken sandwich, fries, tater tots, milkshakes, grilled cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for kids, tea, softdrinks, and beer. That's it. Period. Always on the lookout for better burger options, my lovely wife the Rock Star and I drove down Main street one recent day for lunch.

Despite its address, GoGo Burger is actually located on a side street, just behind Mattitos. Blink and you might miss it. Inside, seating for only about 30-40 diners in a funky, retro setting. Step down the small hallway to the counter and order from the efficient attendant, who also handles busboy duties. Be advised that GoGo Burger advertises its burgers as "fully cooked," and make plans accordingly. Our Junior GoGo Burgers were indeed fully cooked, with only a slight touch of pink in the (probably) premade patty, and were rather tasty. I loved the crunch of the Wisconsin-cheese tater tots, and they were probably the highlight of our visit. My lovely bride cared for neither burger nor tater, declaring both were merely adequate and not worth a special visit. I'm inclined to agree, and while I enjoyed the Dairy Queen/Whataburger simplicity of the product, I feel we have better options closer to home. Still, if you are working in the area, and desire an uncomplicated place where you can take the kids, GoGo Burger might be right down your alley, so to speak. Website is, and remember:


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