Saturday, May 31, 2008

Quickie Review #22: Orange Cup Frozen Yogurt

Question: Is your dessert doing all it could be doing for you? Sure, everyone wants a very tasty dessert, and far too often, healthy food is synonymous with a taste not unlike new-shirt cardboard. Why can't there be a sweet treat that lowers cholesterol, improves digestion, and picks winners for you at Lone Star Park? Well, the founders of Orange Cup Frozen Yogurt make all of the above promises (except the horse race winners, of course), and since their product is filled with live and active cultures, their somewhat astonishing claims just very well may turn out to be true. I dropped in on their Northpark Mall location, where the delightful Hazel took me on a guided tour of their menu.

The Orange Cup Yogurt dessert process (the name Orange Cup derives not from the fact that the founders are University of Texas at Austin graduates, but from the positive energy and feelings generated by the color orange) starts with the Essentials, three base flavors of yogurt to which toppings may be added. The natural is, of course, the unflavored variety, but rest assured, this Jane is anything but plain. I was surprised by the chewy texture and slight hints of vanilla. The zum contains real orange juice and delivers a robust splash of acid. Finally, the acaiberry (pronounced ah-sigh-berry) boasts blackberry and pomegranite flavors and was my favorite of the three. I then ordered a small cup of the acaiberry with blackberries, raspberries, walnuts, and dark chocolate pieces added as toppings. Called extras, these additions (of which there are fifteen in all, including almonds, strawberries, and even Fruity Pebbles) add lots of flavor but surprisingly few calories: there were only 158 in my small cup, which was packed with flavor. Service was quick and quite friendly, and the place was packed at 2PM on a Friday afternoon, so word is spreading fast. Read all about them at, and look for them to be coming to a mall (Stonebriar, Galleria) or freestanding store near you soon. Try a healthy bite soon, and of course:



michelle said...

I'm glad that you loved Orange Cup too... I visited them again for the second weekend in a row :)

On a semi-related note, you've mentioned Lone Star Park before. Fan of the races? We're going for the first time this weekend to see the Belmont Stakes. Any tips???


Food Czar said...

Yes, have fun!
Seriously, I assume by your comments that you are a track novice. Here are some suggestions:

1. If possible, try to sit somewhere in the air conditioning unless you like hot weather. Silks and their wonderful buffet is the best option, but it is pricey. Counter seating inside is good as well.

2. Wagering: Get copies of Lone Star Today and/or the Daily Racing Form and read their How to Wager guides. It's easier than you think. For newbies, I recommend small win or show bets. For the Belmont and Big Brown, you may want to bet Across the Board. He will probably win if his split hoof holds up. I also like Casino Drive, Macho Again, and Tale of Ekati, and possibly Denis of Cork.

3.Have fun!!! About the only reason people ever leave the track disappointed is because they bet and lost the rent money.

michelle said...

You read that right--definitely a novice! I've been once before for some sort of 4th of July festival, but with all the booths and fireworks, etc. it seemed much more like a fair than a horse race! Thanks for the tips; I'm really excited about it :)

Food Czar said...


Hazel informed me this morning that Orange Cup is expanding to Stonebriar Center in Frisco, Preston Center and the Galleria in Dallas, the Shops at Legacy in Plano, and San Antonio. Stonebriar will open next month, San Antonio in October, and construction will begin on the others soon, as the company will be able to boast 35 stores in three states within the next 18 months. Seems no one can stop The Orange!!!

Russell said...

I love orange cup. I could eat it every day. If you havent tried it than you should at least try it once. I promise you will fall in love and be craving it all week long.

Thanks Orange Cup!!!