Saturday, May 31, 2008

Food Czar Revisit #3: Steve Field's Steak & Lobster Lounge

If you're a fan of a restaurant, you need to join their internet club. This way, you get put on their priority lists for newsletters, special events, and most important, any special offers or deals that the restaurant cares to send you. Most of the time, this will take the form of a free appetizer or dessert. Steve Fields, however, marches to the beat of a different drummer, so his offer was considerably more generous. Remembering our excellent Restaurant Week experience last year, and with an anniversary fast approaching, my lovely wife the Rock Star and I booked our reservations through the marvelous Open Table reservation system (you should check them out as well,, as they have a point system you can use to become eligible for free goodies), and made our way through the Wilds of Greater Plano on the appointed date, taking care to state in our online reservation that this was indeed our anniversary.

This time, we were led to a four-person booth (I much prefer these to the two-person jobs because the latter can sometimes get a little tight for space, particularly on the table top), where the delightful and perky Amanda took charge of us. Let me mention right here and now that Steve Fields Steak & Lobster Lounge takes a back seat to no one in terms of service. Before the evening was over, we were visited by Amanda, the Maitre'D (no, I did not catch his name due to creeping senility), several efficient busboys, and The Man Himself, who is one of the most genial and effusive front-of-house men that I have ever encountered. Truly, they cared about us at Steve Fields.

After perusing the wine list, we decided on the Foris Rogue Valley Pinot Noir, an excellent and sensible selection that proved to pair equally well with seafood as beef. For starters, my wife could not pass up the Caesar salad, complete with anchovies, which added a delightful salty fishiness. I selected the chicken tortilla soup, a peppery, uncomplicated potage which is obviously meant to accompany the meal, not overpower it. Very nice. Then, after a few slices of the excellent bread and olive oil, our entrees arrived in due course. (Amanda did a great job in leisurely pacing our repast.) The Rock Star adores sea bass (I'm sure the feeling is mutual.) and was very pleased with the firm texture and taste of her entree, not to mention garlic mashed potatoes, and to her particular delight, grilled asparagus. For me, I could not pass up the prime rib, served perfectly rare as requested, well marbled and with a loaded jumbo baked potato on the side. We had a marvelous time with dining and conversation until the end when Steve himself crowned our delight with a complimentary dessert, the justly-famous chocolate caramel buttercream cake. A few bites of this delicacy almost made us high, so we had Amanda deftly box up our leftovers and happily cruised home. Website is, and we vowed not to let so much time go by without another visit. Stop by yourself soon, and remember:



Margie said...

Now I think I'm going to have to go have steak and eggs for brunch. Funny how just reading about food makes me ravenous. Sounds like a great meal!

Food Czar said...

It was a great meal, Margie. Moreover, Steve Fields seems to really care about his customers. I noticed him kneeling down at one table, talking to a family for more than 20 minutes---and they did not look to be expense account customers!!!

michelle said...

I love that he takes the time to visit with patrons... That's a lovely touch. I've never been, but definitely will try now :)


rjflo2 said...

We are regulars at Steve Fields. Amanda is our #1 server, as well as a couple of others -- Kathy for one. What you experienced when you visited is the "real deal". Steve often stops by our table to chat, as well as the Manager, Jeff -- and, we are certainly not expense account diners. This is where I want to go when I've had a rough day or I just want some pampering. The food is top-notch and the staff - better. It's a wonderful place to enjoy!