Monday, May 26, 2008

Quickie Review #21: Mooyah Burgers & Fries

I first encountered Mooyah some six months or so ago, just after it opened. I was pleased by the freshness of the product, the simplicity of the menu, and the army of courteous counter attendants. I resolved to rush right home and blog about them. Then, I did some market research, which revealed that Everybody And His Dog was writing about Mooyah! And if there's one thing my faithful readers (both of you) know, it is that I consistently take The Road Less Traveled. So, I decided to cool my heels awhile, wait a few months until the furor died down, and then revisit Mooyah and see if the story was still the same. Well, it's now Memorial Day, otherwise known as one of the great Hamburger Holidays on the calendar, so it seemed a perfect time to check up on this new/old friend and see how he was doing.

Phoned in my order, which was taken by a very friendly and thorough miss ("please tell me EXACTLY what you want on your junior Mooyah cheeseburger, sir"), then boogied over to the original location at Park and Chapel Hill in Plano to pick it up. Same army of courteous attendants still using the Welcome to Mooyah greeting. Same fresh, wonderful burgers, with their slightly-sweet buns, fresh produce, and lean beef. Same excellent flavor, similar to California's fabled In-N-Out chain, but with notable differences, including those sweet buns. Same great french fries, fresh-cut in-store and fried until crispy (I hate limp fries!), just slightly oversalted. In short, a chain and a concept with such excellent quality that I could never bear to call it fast food. My lovely wife the Rock Star and I thoroughly scarfed down our junior cheeseburgers (which were still quite substantial) and split an order of regular fries and had plenty left over. Great quality and value for the money. Website is, which now boasts online and text message ordering. Can you stand it? I predict nothing but success for Mooyah. Come see what all the fuss is about, and don't forget:



Margie said...

Yay! There's one in Uptown! I was afraid I'd have to drive to Plano to try it. I love the selection of toppings.

Food Czar said...

Margie, I like mine Mooyah style, with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, grilled onions, and special sauce, which to me tastes kind of like Thousand Island dressing.

beau said...

Excellent! One is opening just around the corner from me. I will be sure to check it out.