Saturday, December 29, 2007

Quickie Review #11: Masu Sushi & Japanese Restaurant

If you are a new restaurant in town, what's a very effective way to get the word out, short of a massive, costly advertising campaign you probably really can't afford? Answer: Simply take a copy of your menu and hire someone to place it in every mailbox and on every door in a five mile radius, and just wait for the customers to start rolling in. Upon seeing one of these menus, I showed it to my lovely wife the Rock Star, who immediately displayed advanced symptoms of SWS (Sushi Withdrawal Syndrome). Hoping to forstall need of an operation, I decided a transfusion was in order, and we made plans forthwith to sojourn to Masu Sushi in the wilds of northernmost Carrollton and enjoy a belated lunch.

Masu Sushi and Japanese Restaurant is standard strip-mall bento box decor. Long bar along one side of the narrow storefront. Asian pots, jars and knicknacks and lots of wood, with Sirius Radio Romance station playing in background. Miso soup we selected as a starter was excellent, quite bracing, but beware the spicy edamame unless you like it HOT! Hebron Roll is a standout: spicy salmon roll topped with smoked salmon and Spider Roll, featuring soft shell crab is also excellent, as is the Philadelphia Roll with cream cheese. Stick with the rolls: both the red snapper and mackerel sushi we tried lacked top freshness. Service and presentation are outstanding: the main dishes were presented in a ginormous wooded schooner which elicited squeals of appeal from adjoining tables. Likewise, fresh oranges were brought at the end of our repast, adding a light sweet touch of grace to finish on. No website, call 972 306-4170 for all questions. Seek Masu out soon, and remember:



Donna said...

I drive by this place almost daily and have been meaning to try it. But the report on less-than-great fish will delay that visit (if not infinitely). Czar, further down on Midway (at the Trinity Mills) intersection you'll find the chowhound secret to cheap but awesome sushi at Seabose, a small Japanese grocer that does takeout sushi. Search on chowhound or my site and you'll see the general obsession.

Food Czar said...

Thanks, Donna! You've never let me down yet!!!