Friday, December 28, 2007


Just the other day, while I was contemplating my navel, my lovely spouse the Rock Star sweetly sidled up to me and chirped, "So, Czar, when are you gonna write your top ten list of 2007? Huh? Huh?" I must be honest, I had never considered doing such a thing until that very moment. (I may be a Czar, but I'm no meglomaniac. Usually.) Now, I remembered why I gave my dear Partner in Crime a Christmas bonus. Her wonderful ideas, genius, and all-around inspiration. So, for the Rock Star, the Wild Thing, the Momma, the Rock, Crazy Cat Lady, Beaners, the nonstop niece, G29, and both of my lovely readers, here are the nonquantifyable, thoroughly unscientific, Food Czar Top Ten Restaurants of 2007, in order of posting:

-Fireside Pies (June)
Wonderful, reasonably priced food in an upscale/downscale atmosphere, Fireside Pies is my favorite restaurant (so far) in The Shops at Legacy.

-Babe's Chicken Dinner House (July)
Let the snobs scoff, but I've recommended Babe's to more people than any other restaurant this year.

-Cafe Gecko (August)
From the pizza to the soups to the Mexican, Austin Ranch fave continues to delight and surprise. Great bar, too!

-Silks at Lone Star Park (November)
Run by the most underrated chef in the Metroplex (Jake Duplantis), you must experience Silks whenever the horses are running (April-July, October-December). Best buffet in town!

-Randy's Steakhouse (November)
Best "special occasion" meal I've had all year! Best ambience, too, like dining at your grandmothers. (And I LOVED my G29!)

-Cooper's Barbecue (November)
The pride of Llano, Texas, this Roadtrip fave was the best single meal I had during 2007. (Double-cut barbecued pork chop, recommended by a fellow Chowhound poster.)

-Louis Mueller Barbecue (November)
Rock Star's all time favorite barbecue is the barbecued turkey at this Taylor, Texas landmark.

-Gregorys Restaurant (December)
Simple French country food served by thoroughly modest French chef in thoroughly unspoiled downtown Plano storefront.

-Amici Signature Restaurant (December)
Another storefront gem, this one in downtown Carrollton. The Rock Star's Shrimp Carbonara had her dreaming of sunny Sicily (or at least Little Italy).

-Rudy's Country Store and Barbecue (December)
Laugh if you must, but Rudy's barbecued turkey was almost the best Christmas dinner I've ever enjoyed (surpassed only by Coopers barbecued prime rib).

Honorable Mentions Worthy Of Mention:
-Trader Vics (June)
-Steve Fields (August)
-Zen Bar (August)
-Cantina Laredo (September)
-Salt Lick (November)
-Tupinamba (December)

Try them all soon. In fact, try all the wonderful places I experienced in 2007, and don't forget my one and only New Years Resolution:


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Food Czar said...

Whoops! Under the Rudy's listing, I mentioned barbecued turkey and I meant to say smoked turkey. The barbecue turkey is also very good, but the smoked turkey is much better!