Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wine Corner Review #3: Stone Cellar Chardonnay by Beringer

At last, a white wine to review before summer runs out!

Great wine families, from the Rothschilds on down, have a second, value priced wine that they offer for their value oriented customers. (The Rothschilds are one of the world's premier winemaking families, as in First Growth wines Lafitte Rothschild and Mouton Rothschild. First Growth is a designation for Bordeaux, France wines that are to wine what Godiva is to chocolate. Enough said.) For the Beringer family, their value line is called Stone Cellar. In my opinion, Beringer red wines are average at best, but their whites, particularly Chenin Blanc, really shine. My longtime friend The Rock and I recently sampled these wines.

The robe (color) of Stone Chellar Chardonnay is crystal clear and there is not much of a nose (odor). The taste is slightly metallic but fruity and definitely unoaked. For us, that is a good trait in a chardonnay. Many wines are aged in oak barrels; some whites, notibly those by Kendall Jackson, are "oaked" for too long, and as a result, their finish is decidedly unpleasant. Thankfully, unoaked chardonnays are once again the trend, resulting in a sweeter, cleaner finish. The finish of Stone Cellar Chardonnay is quite subtle but tastes of melon.

Although I prefer Beringer Chenin Blanc for a good summer picnic wine, I did like Stone Cellar Chardonnay. Visit for more details. Enjoy with Mexican foods or soup-and-salad, enjoy responsibly, and remember:


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