Sunday, July 1, 2007

Wine Corner Review #1: Black Opal Shiraz

Dilemma: Should my first wine review be a white, picnic-style wine, perfectly timed to enjoy during the summer heat, or should I write about my wife The Rock Star's favorite wine? If you're married like me, this is a no-brainer. The Rock Star loves great Shiraz. (By the way, Syrah is also an acceptable term for wines made of this grape varietal. Petite Sirah is something else altogether, a completely different grape.) And if you're a budget conscious wino (I mean, wine drinker, sorry!) like me, then you usually end up cruising the Australian aisle in search of great, affordable Shiraz.

Part of the Wolf Blass family of wines, Shiraz is the undisputed star in the Black Opal gem collection. Rich, purplish red robe (color), with a nose (smell) and taste of blackberries, pepper, and plums, and with a nice, long lingering finish (aftertaste), Black Opal shiraz is a perfect match with all red meats, especially steaks and pork tenderloin, but also can be enjoyed with shellfish and ahi tuna. Be sure to visit their website at Enjoy responsibly, and remember:



m said...

We just opened a bottle of Black Opal Shiraz (2006) and although i vaguely remember enjoying Black Opal's wines before, this was quite bad. It's beautiful looking but the nose is quite alcoholic and the flavor is sour with a hint of blackfruit. Tell me I just got a bad bottle (screw tops aren't supposed to go bad!)

Brian said...

Anything can go bad. Screw tops aren't magical, just a lot less chance for TCA