Sunday, July 29, 2007

Quickie Review #2: Genki Sushi & Steak

Fresh seafood for a decent price is very hard to find in North Texas, but not at Genki Sushi & Steak. My wife the Rock Star, her sister Wild Thing, and I gathered in their rather spartan interior for an early Saturday night dinner. We received our usual warm welcome from their gracious staff, then settled in with our mark-your-choices menu to make our selections. Both the Rock Star and I find it difficult to ignore the Dragonfly Roll, a scintillating mixture of tempura shrimp, crabmeat, eel, and vegetables in a rich, spicy sweet sauce. We also got sushi: tuna, red snapper, and salmon, all perfectly fresh and delicious, and enjoyed a Philadelphia roll (smoked salmon, cream cheese, and avocado) for dessert. Marvelous! The Wild Thing dined on a Rainbow roll (California roll on tuna, yellow tail, salmon, and avocado), edamame (soybean appetizer) and Miso (onion) soup. She loved it all, and we all enjoyed Kirin Light beers (a Japanese lager that pairs well with seafood) and lots of juicy gossip.

Service was quite good, except for a few minor quibbles. Genki also features bento boxes and plates, sashimi, and Katsu, Teriyaki, Tempura, and Don Buri dishes as well. Daily specials can be a nice bargain, especially at lunch, and you may want to call them at 972 788-2629 if you have any questions (no website). Open seven days a week with party platters and catering available as well. Overall, an excellent bargain for very good sushi. Try them soon, and remember:


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Since this original posting a couple of months ago, my lovely wife the Rock Star and her sister the Wild Thing have made Genki Sushi their regular Friday night feast. Beaners, the nonstop niece, and myself joined them recently, all of us taking advantage of a wonderful deal: an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet for $15.99. Since $15.99 just about buys one or two specialty rolls in many places, this is a wonderful deal indeed (the price drops to $12.99 at lunch). The meal includes edamame appetizers, salad, and miso soup, and the ever-friendly chefs will gladly surprise you with specialty creations, such as a delightfully torrid eel creation wrapped in rice paper, and a truly surprising tower of spicy tuna, set off by lovely fish roe. You just sit at the sushi bar and the friendly fish comes rolling by on the neatest little conveyor belt you've ever seen; just grab what you want. All of us left the place pleasantly stuffed, and then some. Catch your own great deal soon, and remember: