Friday, December 11, 2009

Cellar Selection #7: Fuqua Pinot Noir

Over the years, I've come to realize that many of our most talented and gifted people may be our most down-to-earth. Such is the case with Lee Foster Fuqua. A large, jovial man whose booming voice belies his broadcasting past, Lee Fuqua is currently crafting the wines that has all haute Dallas abuzz, yet he guides you around his Atwell road winery as if you are the only person that matters. Many of his best vinos are sold out at this time, but cellar-quality selections are still available, some at prices that you can afford even if the dove of prosperity has not smiled on you at present. Thankfully, one of his most food-friendly wines is still available for the thrifty shopper, and it just so happens that it's the quaff we are considering in todays post. For the record, I'm talking about the Fuqua Pinot Noir.

The robe of the Fuqua Pinot Noir is a rich, jewel-like magenta garnet. The nose is subtle and complex with spices such as cardamon and white pepper at the forefront. Luscious maraschino and Bing cherries and currants wash playfully over the palate, finishing crisply with light citrus. This wine is simply a joy to pair, and worked beautifully with both our New Jersey Italian entrees. This pinot had enough subtle spice to go with my orecchietta pasta with zucchini, broccoli, and sausage, yet also stood up well with my wife's simple dish of chicken parmigiana. Lee calls it his "cross-dresser" wine, and since his shop is located just a stone's throw from Oak Lawn, such a designation is quite appropriate. Website is, and if you come on by for a free tasting, he might just let you taste some of his over-the-top wildcat chardonnay, which if he bottles it will leave all other chards in shards. Discover your own haute wine soon, and remember:



Amy Severson said...

Get the Fuqua
For the hol-i-day!

Food Czar said...

I agree, Amy. Fuqua for the holiday, and for any day!