Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wine Corner Review #28: Shelton Vineyards Yadkin Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Quick, name the top-producing wine states in the USA. You would be correct if you said California, New York, Texas, Oregon, and Washington state. But did you know that North Carolina was at one time the number one wine producing state in the country (until a little thing happened called Prohibition), and that is currently enjoying a resurgence in growth that recently placed it back into the Top Ten? Well, I didn't either, until my lovely wife the Rock Star brought some back from a recent visit there. As regular readers (both of you) of this blog know, she is a stone fiend for sauvignon blanc, so needless to say she brought some bottles back of her favorite tipple, including the Shelton Vineyards Yadkin Valley (the Napa of NC) Sauvignon Blanc.

The robe of the Shelton Vineyards Yadkin Valley Sauvignon Blanc is a mix of two metals known since Revolutionary times: silver and pewter. The nose, as is often the case with blancs, is quite subtle, with notes of grapefruit, melon, tobacco, and peanut butter. Be patient with the taste as you sip and you will be rewarded with pear, apricot, melon, grapefruit, and finally a strong finish of peach. This blanc is heaven-sent for oysters and indeed all seafood, and of course, chicken salad with walnuts or pecans if you're a landlubber. Website is, and yes, they do allow shipping to Texas if you cannot find it at your local grocery or wine shoppe. Start your own wine revolution soon, and:


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Margie said...

That sounds fabulous. I'm with the Rock Star, give me a clean, crisp white wine any day. I had no idea about the North Carolina wine connection. Very cool.