Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quickie Review #29: Don Pepes Rancho Mexican Grill

The Momma is a formidable character, mother to my lovely wife The Rock Star, and all-around lovely person. When she summons us to dinner, we're usually quick to respond. Recently, she called to inform us that she had just purchased a brand-new 50-inch Sony HD TV, and would we like to come over and watch the Cowboys game on it? Well, we said yes quicker than Tony Romo can throw a touchdown pass, and since we were in need of sustenance prior to the Big Event, we headed down the road a piece (as Amos Milburn, Chuck Berry, and the Rolling Stones, among others, would have it) to Don Pepe's Rancho Mexican Grill.

Don Pepes boasts multiple dining rooms, similar to Mattitos in Frisco, and like that august venue, features unusual wall decorations, such as distressed Mexican crockery and genuine Mexican sodas. If you like your salsa thick, your chips fresh, and your queso tasting very much like Rotel cheese dip, then you will feel right at home. The Momma is a spinach enchilada fiend and raved about hers, while my bride's wonderful combo plate featured double rice (she hates refried beans---it's a texture thing, she says), a crispy beef taco, and a very good chicken enchilada with sour cream and an old-school soft cheese taco. Myself, I've been a fan of Tacos Al Carbon since I first tried them at Ninfa's (the acknowledged Mecca of the dish) and was very pleased with both the beef and the chicken versions. No Mexican beers on this occasion, we stuck with ice tea (In Texas, "ice tea" is one word.) and boxed up plenty of leftovers. No website, so call 972 458-7729 with any questions or concerns. Remember to always do what your Momma tells you, and also remember:



Donna said...

Hey Czar, a quick Google search didn't turn up anything. Where is Don Pepe's?

Food Czar said...

Don Pepe's is at Coit and Arapaho in Richardson. It's been around about ten years. Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot of into about it on the web, as they have no website.

Margie said...

Well, they need to get a website!

Food Czar said...

I'm finding a lot of places, particularly family-run Mexican restaurants, tend to not have websites. These days, they are missing out on a lot of business when they don't have one. For me, if I hear about a new place, I always go straight to the computer and Google. That way, I have maps, hours, wine lists, and most important, a menu with prices!!!