Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wine Corner Review #26: Torre di Pietra Cabernet Sauvignon

I promise: One of these days, I'll actually spend more time investigating North Texas wines and wineries. You have my word on it. But, what can I say? For now, my hearts in the highlands (as William Saroyan would have it), specifically the Texas Hill Country. Direct to you from Winery Row, that lovely stretch of 290 just outside Fredericksburg, we bring you a most marvelous cab in the most decidedly un-cabernet drinking season of summertime. Most folks might wait for cooler weather to drink hearty wines, but hereabouts in Texas, we make our own rules. So, if I want to quaff Torre di Pietra's Cabernet Sauvignon, then I'm just gonna do it, and no Wine Police are gonna stop me.

The robe of the Torre di Pietra Cabernet Sauvignon is bright midnight (as Jim Morrison would have it) laced with brown burgundy. The nose is sharp with sulfites and minerals and wisps of black pepper. Very chewy/crunchy, kind of like a Butterfinger, with notes of berry and spice. This cab would definitely benefit from a few seasons in the cellar; when you choose to bring it out, please do so with steak or wild game. Website is, and you really should do your soul some good and drive to that part of the state to see the winery for yourself. Send your heart to the highlands of Texas soon, and remember:


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