Friday, July 11, 2008

Wine Corner Review #25: Fall Creek Granite Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Just a couple of short months ago, my lovely wife the Rock Star went into her summer seasonal eating mode. The plan: Since the weather is too hot for heavy food and drink, she announced that her diet would mostly consist of wrap and sub sandwiches (or sushi if we are temporarily flush with cash. Unfortunately, my car has had other ideas lately!) and that she would drink light beer and white wine almost exclusively. Well, it's now mid-July and my bride is slowly growing tired of this routine. Lets face it: Most days she prefers red wine, as do I. So, when I ask her the question, "Red or white?," and she says "Whatever's fine," I'm usually quick to take advantage. Such was the case last night, so I brought out an old value standby from one of the fastest-growing states in terms of wine production. In case you haven't figured it out, the state in question is Texas, and the wine in question is Fall Creek's Granite Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.

The robe of the Fall Creek Granite Reserve (actually a blend of 85% Cab and 15% Merlot) is burgundy-black, which I think would make a great color for a Rolls Royce. The nose hints of cherry and berry, with a strong note of minerals (that's the merlot talking). Black currant and black cherry, with lots of black and cayenne pepper, vie for palate space, resolving into a washed-gravel finish. Any Fall Creek red is great with BBQ from nearby Coopers (just down the road from the vineyard in Llano, TX); I tried it with spicy chicken, which brought out the pepper flavors well. Website is and it's available from several area grocers as well. Change up your hot-weather routine with a bottle today, and of course:


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