Friday, October 30, 2009

Wine Corner Review #57: La Mano Mencia Roble

In the all-consuming search for wines that won't bust my budget, I've learned to leave America behind at times and investigate the rich terroirs of such far-flung places as Argentina, South Africa, and Spain. Until recently, Rioja Spanish wine garnered all the press, but lately such stalwart seekers as Robert Parker have kept up the quest for other values from the Iberian peninsula. The astute Mr Parker has awarded 90 points to today's selection, and while I think that may be a tad generous, I still have to put forth my own recommendation on a value-conscious tipple of Espana, namely the La Mano Mencia Roble.

The Robe of the La Mano Mencio Roble is burgandy onyx, in other words, quite opaque until you swirl it a bit in the glass. The nose suggests dusky plum, cherry, and minerals. Black cherry and currant wash over the palate, finishing ever-so-slightly with mint. As you quaff, you'll probably note the similarities between mencia and cabernet franc; in fact, mencia was once thought to be distantly related, but that notion has been disproved with DNA testing. Mediterranean cuisine would be a natural match; spicy kabobs, gyros, and souvlaki would play well against La Mano's somewhat muted flavor profile. In an all-too-familiar turn of events, I could find no website, but I did discover some usable info at Put forth your own recommendation soon, and remember:


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