Monday, September 28, 2009

Adventures in Tasting #2: Blue Mesa Grill

Let's face it: I'm a proud Texan. I believe that our country of Texas is a special place, and that anything I can do to advance our local food and wine purveyors will benefit us all in the long run. Texas has a long history of great food and wines, but the secret to continued success is to always improve upon what we've got. So, when a lovely lady contacted me on behalf of the Go Texan non-profit organization and asked if I could be of assistance, I was quick to respond. Sadly, my usual partner in crime, my lovely wife the Rock Star had a scheduling conflict and could not make the journey with me, therefore, I dutifully hitched up my pants and drove to the wilds of northernmost Plano, bent on exploring the flavors of Blue Mesa Grill.

If you've spent any time in Dallas whatsoever, you know about Blue Mesa, and have probably had occasion to dine there in the past, for they are rather famous, particularly for their Sunday Brunch. The north Plano location overlooks a pretty fountain, and I was shown through their rather spacious postmodern interior to a prime view. In short order, I was handed a menu, and my delightful waitress explained that for each purchase of a Go Texan entree from the special menu, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to area food banks. While I was thus perusing, a bowl of sweet potato chips, tortilla chips, and two kinds of salsa were brought for munching purposes. I particularly enjoyed the rich, full-flavored brownish salsa and the oh-so-slightly sweet potato chips, which resembled plantain chips in flavor and texture, and washed both down with passionfruit tea. In due course my entree appeared: Baja Shrimp, wrapped in bacon and fired on the grill, arrived atop rice and was served with delicious, smoky black beans, pico de gallo, and mixed seasonal vegetables including, summer squash, tomatoes, and onions. I augmented the creamy, garlicky dipping sauce with salsa and really liked how they helped bring out the flavor of the shrimp and bacon, and I would be very happy to have the seasonal vegetables alongside any entree, as they are too often treated as an afterthought. At Blue Mesa, they are good enough to stand alone. I declined dessert and took my leftovers and an extra cup of tea home, as I had really enjoyed its fruity flavor. Websites are for Blue Mesa Grill and for the Go Texan Movement, which this year runs through Friday, October 2nd so you have a few days left to enjoy it.


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