Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wine Corner Review #50: Cross Timbers Cabernet Sauvignon

Honestly, in this world the only thing more lovely than visiting a winery on a crisp weekend afternoon is visting a winery located in a historic old farmhouse. In 1874, a gentleman named Dr Dorris moved from Starville Mississippi to Grapevine, Texas and built a family farm. That structure has been recognized as one of the five oldest structures in the city and today houses Cross Timbers winery. Why is it named Cross Timbers? Longtime residents of the metroplex know that Grapevine, Arlington, and the Mid-Cities are located in the Cross Timbers Ecological Region of Texas, while the Grand Prairie region does not encompass the city of Grand Prairie but instead envelopes Fort Worth. Finally, Dallas is the largest city in the Blackland Prairie. If all this ecospeak has you seriously diverted and bored, then please join me in a simple glass of vino such as the Cross Timbers Cabernet Sauvignon.

The robe of the Cross Timbers Cabernet Sauvignon is jeweled midnight onyx. The nose is chock-full of minerals and dusky currants. Black cherries and cassis deliver a swift kick to the palate, and the finish is long and lingering. Consider calling this cab when you are serving steak, game, or lamb shank. Website is, but it contains precious little information about the wines as of this writing. Find your own historic farmhouse soon, and remember:



Eddie G said...

Hi Food Czar!

Strange question: what would you pair with my Raw Carrot Cake Cupcakes? I know regular carrot cake pairs well with a zin (which I love), but these cupcakes didn't do too well with my wine selection...

Food Czar said...

Very good question, Eddie G. Typically, dessets are paired with a dessert wine. Port, sherry, madeira, the usual suspects. For a sweet wine, I might suggest orange muscat. That would reinforce the orange notes typically found in carrot cake.
For something dryer, maybe a shiraz. The spicy notes should be an interesting contrast with the spices in your recipe. If these don't work, keep trying. I know you believe in lots of research when it comes to spirits!

Eddie G said...

Funny you know me so well :)

Thanks for the tip! I typically do stick to dryer wines...even with desserts.