Saturday, June 14, 2008

Quickie Review #24: Vitos Pizza Restaurant

What's in a name? Some guy named Billy Bob Shakespeare came up with that quote a few years back; I think he was referring to a floral arrangement or some such rot. In any case, I must admit that I'm a sucker for an Italian name when it comes to choosing an Italian restaurant. As I've stated in a previous post, I'm also a sucker for a menu hanging on my door when I want delivery. (I've actually had another restaurant leave a menu on my door, and when I called them up to place an order, they told me they didn't deliver to my area! Honest!!) In any case, Vito is as Italian as Frances Ford Coppola, and speaking of The Godfather maven, I figured any place with such a name would make me an offer I couldn't refuse, so my lovely wife the Rock Star and I called Vito's Pizza Restaurant up and had them deliver an order one recent Friday evening.

Although the name of the joint is Vito's Pizza, rest assured they carry all sorts of Italian goodies, including calzones, pastas, chicken and seafood dishes, such as Shrimp Scampi, and desserts as well as the aformentioned pizza. We started our repast with one of my wife's favorite finger foods, fried cheese. Good but pretty standard. The salads were ordinary greens but the House Tomato Vinagrette dressing was very good indeed. Strombolis proved to be two huge, fluffy pillows of dough not unlike Hot Pockets on steroids, filled with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and mozzarella, and served with a delicious marinara that was as thick as tomato paste. We could have easily split one and been thoroughly satisfied. Delivery was speedy as well, and the driver encouraged us to try the other dishes in the future as "all the food is very good". Now, when a restaurant earns such unsolicited praise from one of their employees, you can rest assured I'll take them up on their kind offer. Website is Order a dinner you can't refuse soon, and you know the drill:



Margie said...

I do love a good calzone! I wish we had a place that delivered near us that was worth a hoot. It's surprising how little delivery we have in our area.

Food Czar said...

That's too bad, Margie. I guess down there they think everyone has plenty of disposable income and wants to eat out all the time. (I'm sure you wish for some of that disposable income to come your way, as do I!)
Here we have plenty of places that have learned that to deliver is the only way to survive.

Margie said...

Maybe you're right. Because hardly anything good delivers. Some yucky Chinese. Chain pizza places. That's about it.