Monday, April 7, 2008

Wine Corner Review #19: Geyser Peak Sauvignon Blanc

If you've been tippling for any length of time, you will of course start to develop lists of favorites and if you're like me, you will start to notice the same labels seem to show up again and again on your lists. For California wines, for instance, I notice that Toasted Head, Meridian, and Geyser Peak regularly make one of my top designations as Best Bang for the Buck labels. For between $7 and $15, you will receive a quality bottle that will serve for all but the most special occasions in whatever varietal you choose, whether pinot, cab, chard, or what have you. So, when my local Wine Shoppe put some bottles of Geyser Peak Sauvignon Blanc on clearance, you can imagine I was quick to act, and brought a couple of the little buggers home with me. However, before I proceed to the Review Proper, let me just state one thing. Wine put on clearance is priced to move, and as such, all sales may be final. Be sure you have an understanding of whether or not you can bring any and all unopened bottles back for either a refund or at least store credit. Clearance wine is notorious for having proper-storage issues, and I don't want you wasting your hard-earned money by buying a bunch of wine, then not being able either to drink it or bring it back if you are unsatisfied. (In my particular case, the vino in question was still quite drinkable, thank you.)

The robe of the Geyser Peak Sauvignon Blanc is unmistakeably that of a Granny Smith apple. The nose adds touches of pear and apricot with just the slightest whiff of nectarine. More Granny Smith apples in the taste, as well as green lettuce leaf, and, yes, pomegranite. (I've been tasting a lot of pomegranite lately and I don't know why.) Like any Sauvignon Blanc, Geyser Peak can be matched with seafood, seafood, and more seafood, and also pairs well with arroz con pollo. URL is, where you will note that Wine and Spirits Magazine named this quality vintner one of the Top 100 Wineries of the Year, which is no surprise to yours truly. Pick up a few bottles soon, and as always:



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michelle said...
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michelle said...

bravo for picking this wine! i got very excited to see someone mention this wine because it's one of my go-to white wines. i don't know a lot about wine, but am still learning and this one seems to me to be a lovely and affordable sauvignon blanc.