Saturday, February 2, 2008

Quickie Review #16: Le Peep

Dang these New Year's resolutions! Grumble, Grumble!! You see, my lovely wife the Rock Star and I recently noticed our pants not fitting us as well as they should, and I don't exactly think they were shrinking in the wash, if you know what I mean. So we decided to make a few changes: more vegetables, more walking (We even bought pedometers: Try them! They are great subtle motivators. My wife's even has a tiny radio and headphones. How cool is that?), and most important, making a conscious decision to go to a brunch-and-dinner system of dining on the weekends. On a sudden inspiration (We get lots of those), my spouse and I decided on a recent morning to brunch at that venerable old standby: Le Peep.

Le Peep has stood the test of time for a score of years, probably a result of management keeping their peepers fixed constantly on it. (All right, quit groaning, it wasn't that bad, was it?) A number of chains that have survived that long have suffered a noticeable drop in quality, not so this chain. Omelettes have long been a Peep strong point and in the past, I have almost automatically selected the Sir Benedict simply because I dote on hollandaise. (When properly made, hollandaise is indeed a sauce to dote on.) However, I'm an even bigger fan of South of the Border breakfasts and the Desperado, a delightful alloy of chorizo, eggs, chilis, onions, and potatoes, almost had me shouting OLE!! for joy. My bride opted for the Hen Pen, a classic bacon, eggs, and English muffin combo that she found rather pleasing. (She did not really care for the Peasant Potatoes that came on the side.) The coffee (I had the vanilla, she chose unflavored) was quite good, and Brooke was everything you could want in a waitress: sweet, unaffected, and eager to please. Website is Keep your New Year's resolution there soon, and as always:


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