Saturday, August 11, 2007

Quickie Review #3: Tony's Pizza & Pasta

Looking for true New York style street pizza while in the Far North Dallas area? Consider Tony's pizza & pasta. First, you can dine in, although it's a small spot (just 6-10 tables). Second, the kitchen is open, so you can watch them create your little slice of heaven (pun intended) right before your eyes. Third, Tony's has literally TONS of different entrees, salads and subs for such a small place and can even handle parties if given 24 hours notice. Fourth, they have a cool website: that includes a club where you can sign up for email delivery of specials (including a totally FREE pizza, not just a bonus pizza) or you can download their existing coupons. Fifth, their pizza dough is made FRESH every day. And last but not least, THEY DELIVER!!! Suffice it to say, your friend The Food Czar and his lovely wife The Rock Star have enjoyed their cuisine numerous times. Both of us LOVE THEIR PIZZA, which is rare since she is an extra-cheeseaholic and I love extra sauce. Nevertheless, there is an excellent balance of ingredients that pleases us both so we can actually order just one pizza for the both of us. If these six reasons are enough, then get online and/or pick up the phone and place an order today, and as always, remember:



Food Czar said...


Since writing this quickie a few days ago, my wife and I have once again enjoyed Tony's cuisine. Along with our mutual friend The Rock, we shared a large pizza, half with pepperoni and mushroom (large slices of meat and veggies), and half with beef and green olives (a combination introduced to her a few years ago by her sister the Wild Thing). Each bite was a tasty slice of heaven, the beef and green olives adding a nice savoryness to the crust. (Green olives only, please. To me, black olives have no taste.) We also enjoyed their dinner salads (nothing special, but you can't go wrong at $1.49 each), and split an appetizer of garlic knots (their delicious dough sprinkled lightly with garlic, rolled, tied in little knots and baked). Quite delicious and all for 25 bucks, including tip.

40-ish Rockin' Chick said...

I LOVE Tony's! There is no other pizza that I'd rather eat. Seriously.