Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Welcome to Food Czar!!! My name is Chris, and I'll be your (computer) server this evening. Why Czar, rather than King or Emperor? Because the word "czar" was taken from the word "ceasar," which means emperor, and I rather liked the idea of being named after a salad! Let's see...qualifications. I've written columns and articles that were published in newspapers, have a communications degree, and I've been going out to eat longer than some of you have been alive. (My lovely wife, the Rock Star, confirms that I am indeed older than dirt.) Thoughout this blog, I intend to focus on two types of restaurants: quality chains and quality destinations, both offering great food, service, and value for the money. Now, I really don't want to limit myself, so what I'm about to say could change, but I probably won't be focussing a lot on places you are very familiar with, such as McDonalds or Red Lobster, for example. Why? Because I feel that most of my readers are already very familiar with those types of places and have already made up their minds whether to patronize them or not. Besides, I love turning people on to my favorite places.

OK some ground rules are in order:

1. Feel free to post but please PLAY NICE! I don't want to have someone's posting removed because of bad language or they decided to personally attack me for whatever reason.

2. Please don't post corrections to my grammar or punctuation. This is a blog, not an English class. Besides the mistake may very well have been intentional. (For those of you not following along, I think I just split an infinitive. Ouch!)

3. The vast majority of my postings will be favorable. I believe in the power of positive energy. If I don't like it, I probably won't write about it. However, if I have a really bad experience, I will try to let you know about that as well.

4. I love great service, but I'm not a white-glove, Martha Stewart kind of person. If you are like that, this blog may not be for you.

5. Support your local restaurant and their staff. Let me say it a little differently: ALWAYS REMEMBER TO TIP PROPERLY!!! Do not leave only a penny, and do not leave one of those cards explaining your philosophy against tipping. Reason: Not only is it not nice, chances are it won't solve the problem. Instead, if you encounter problems, ask POLITELY to speak to a manager on duty and, if that doesn't work, go on their website when you get home (most places now have them) and send a polite email to the corporate office, thoroughly explaining the problem and suggesting what it would take to make you happy and win your business back.

6. Be reasonable in your expectations, both of this blog and of your restaurant. You're not exactly the Queen of England. (Note: If Her Gracious Majesty Queen Elizabeth II happens to be reading this posting, my humble apologies are in order. May It Please Your Majesty!)

Well, I think that's enough for the first post. Now on to the reviews!!!

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